About KinkCHIC

Hello world..

My name is Mary Godwin.. I am a Seventeen year old A’ Level Student who loves blogging about black NATURAL hair, Lifestyle and Fashion..

This is a all about my natural hair journey to waist-length and healthy hair..i will share my challenges,Delicious and simple DIY Deep conditioning recipes and treatments,my hair goals and achievements with you..
I also do random posts on lifestyle and fashion.

I’ve been natural for just a year and I really have a soft spot for newbie naturals or naturals that don’t know how to manage their hair.
I love taking pictures and I also love singing alot. I have my short music clips on Instagram @kinkchic
I love to keep fit and I’m trying to maintain a normal body size for my age.

Well..i have a very interesting life and I’ll be writing new posts after every two days.
I love you all *


8 thoughts on “About KinkCHIC

  1. I’m going natural because i had no other choice.relaxed my hair last year july,and it burnt my whole hair.i had to wait till this year before i could shave it,and when i mean shave,i mean shave.lol.well,it’s been growing(small),and then i started seeing people with beautiful natural hair,and i’m like”why not?”,so i’ve decided to go natural,but i’m just so helpless coz i don’t know anything.joined a group on facebook,and they keep mentioning all these terms like”deep conditioning,leave-in,spritz,etc”,and i’m like”what are u saying?!!”lol.i can be dramatic.well,i hope u can help me,ur age really gives me comfort.would love love to hear from you soon#shalom


  2. aww..i’m so honoured. And..Yes,i can. I am working on posts for newbies to throw more light on natural hair care and stuff. Sorry for your experience with relaxers tho! Happy Nappy Hair Journey :-*


  3. Hi,wow!didnt know u’d replied.fnk God i decided to jxt check(instinct).ur email isnt’t here,would have sent u an email so as to talk better.might add u up on facebook.fnkz.let me go see d post,nd fyi:u have a beautiful hair


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