Hair Growth Secret “Manshanu”!

Hey guys!

It’s been a very long while…

I’m on vacation now and I’m going to be giving you guys more love and attention 😁😁

So few days ago, I was on a trip to the north and I got a lot of cool hair stuff for me, including henna and the “manshanu”!

(If you’re in the south and you’d like to have some just leave a comment)

Manshanu or ghee is clarified butter made from cow milk and it is prepared by simmering butter churned from cream with impurities skimmed of the surface and solid residues at the bottom discarded leaving a clear liquid fat which makes up the ghee.

It is very popular in parts of Asia like India and Pakistan as well as in some parts of the Africa and the Middle East although it may come in variations which have to do with its preparation. It is often used for culinary and medicinal purposes. It is also used for skin and hair care.

In Nigeria and parts of West Africa, the Fulani people call it “Manshanu”. They use it in their cooking, for their hair and skin among other things with obvious results.

My hair is currently in twists without extensions as I’m on a 3month protective style challenge with my hair in twists.

I’ll be deep conditioning weekly with this ghee for the next three months during this period and I’ll be keeping y’all updated.

So let’s get into the main thing!

I mixed some Eucalyptus oil(about 1/2 tsp) with a tbsp of Manshanu in a plastic bowl plate.

I dampened my hair with water and applied the mixture onto my hair while massaging my scalp to allow the eucalyptus oil on my scalp too!

I covered for an hour and then rinsed out with conditioner.

No. 3 is pretty much what my hair looked like when I rinsed off.

I rinsed off with Petals Conditioner since I was home and wasn’t with any of my products that I use in school.

It got off in just one wash and didn’t leave any lingering smell or odour.

My mum didn’t like the smell of the manshanu but I thought it smelled like milk. Weird right? But yes 😂😂

I have so much of the butter and so I’ll be doing this weekly or biweekly.

I’ll be sharing my results with y’all.

If you’ve used this amazing stuff on your hair before or you’ve been using it for some time… Please talk to me…

How did it go? Feel free to comment 😀😀

Till next time,


KinkCHIC 😘😘


8 thoughts on “Hair Growth Secret “Manshanu”!

  1. I read another article recently about a blogger that used ghee and she basically said it was the worst experience of her life. I’m glad it went well for You, I’m definitely interested in trying it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know how that happened… I think she used the clarified ghee. I used the raw cow butter.. Maybe she bought the fake one though.. Please do try it.. You’d definitely love it 😊


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