Creating the Bomb Twistout!

Hey Chulas!

As much as I’ve had so many failed twist outs, there were a few times when my twist out was so fab the entire school stopped to ask questions of how I got my hair looking like this

or like this

or like THIS!

First of all, you need to grab the basics to be able to up your twist out game gurl1

The key to having well defined yummy looking, bouncy twist out is MOISTURE, Moisture, moisture…

I cannot say it louder than that.

All of the times i aced my twist outs, my hair was so well moisturized, you could feel it by just looking at it

So these tips might help a sister who has been trying to get a near perfect twist out.

Use a product that’s very moisturizing

I mostly use Shea butter to twist my hair or any other heavy butter and i dampen my hair a bit before i do that. Too much water might spoil everything except you plan on wearing the twists for some days before take down especially if you have thick hair.

– Twist loosely and do not apply too much product

Do not twist tightly but loosely especially if you have 4c hair. Twisting loosely stretches your hair out and gives you more defined curls

Allow hair to dry completely before unravelling

Now, this is the stage that determines whether or not you’re gonna have that fab twistout! If you unravel your twist while your hair is still damp, the chances of it poofing up into a beautiful ball of big hair with no definition are very high…especially if you have 4c hair.

– Pick your roots with a pik comb and seperate twists gently

Take your time to pick your roots to cover up the spaces on your head especially if you don’t have much hair as this will make your twist out look fuller.

Make sure to seperate your hair gently so as to avoid frizz.

In addition to that, spray on some oil sheen on your hair to make it shine bright like a diamond

Those are some real quick and easy tips on how to ace your twist out game.

Hope it helped1

Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Creating the Bomb Twistout!

  1. I always thought the tighter the better with the twists, your tip is good to know going forward! When I’m able to twist my hair properly in a few months, I hope to get some real definition.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you do! Twisting tightly gives definition too but it doesnt stretch the hair as much as when you twist loosely, In fact, twisting tightly enhances shrinkage on my hair. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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