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To Lock or not!

Hy ladies … Happy New Week! 

This post is just about my hair journey and some little challenges I’m facing right now ..

Recently I’ve been having some hard time getting my hair done. My hair is getting hard to manage and maintain as its getting longer. 

So I’ve been seriously thinking about locking my hair. I don’t know how I’ll go about it because it’s a very big decision as this is a hairstyle  that cannot be reversed…except you cut your hair of course. 

I talked to my mom about it and she agreed saying it’ll make me to take some time off my hair 😀

I even blow dried two days ago and this was what it looked like

But the next day.. It shrunk badly even though I put in loose twists and didn’t even moisturise! 

My scalp is very tender and protective styles are a no no because they can cause me serious headaches. I can’t even wear them for long. My hair is becoming too coarse and I’m afraid to moisturize daily because the shrinkage that’ll follow is mind-blowing and I’m one person that likes showing off my length 😢

What do I do? What do you advice? 

To lock or not? 

Your comments will be highly appreciated! 

Thanks for reading 😀😀😀


10 thoughts on “To Lock or not!

  1. Hey girl! Have a wonderful week!🌹💕 I think you’re hair is beautifull😍, Especially with that bun. Let’s see I would use a hairstraigthener just to make it more easy to manage. Don’t laugh but tell me girl what does ‘ Lock’ mean?😀 And of couse I will use some protective styles but that’s a no go for you beacause it gives you headache.. but what about a wig? You can always take it off..

    Hugz and Kisses,
    Miss B.💋

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    1. 😀 Thanks girl. I meant to loc like dreadlocks. I used a blowdryer to straighten my hair but the next day it went back to shrunken hair. I think wigs is a better idea. Thanks for the support and encouragement 😘


  2. I think you hair is beautiful the way it is. However, locking is a big step and its just about the same if not more of a maintenance you will have to upkeep as well. Since protective styles are a no go for you. As someone mention above maybe trying wigs or clip ins you can use for buns, twists, fros etc. You can change it up. As for straightening your hair I don’t recommend that too much as for heat damage. The shrinking I believe is normal and everyone goes through that. Its just finding the right product for you that will allow you to keep and obtain volume is what you want. Hopes this helps.


  3. Such a hard decision! I find Locs have a very beautiful look to them, but it definitely is a commitment! It is by no means an ‘easier’ option.. Trust your gut, and at the end of the day, hair grows back.. (If you take care of it). Do what feels right to you!

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