Hello chulas,

It’s a brand new Year and lots of ladies are considering going natural! 

Going natural is a big decision to make and before you do this you have to know what’s involved and how to go about it. 

There are two ways of ‘transitioning’to natural hair. The transition is a process between your last relaxer and the day you become a full-blooded naturalista 😁😁

The first way is to do a BIG CHOP! This means cutting off ALL i. e scraping of your relaxed hair and allowing the new growth to come out. This way is very drastic and most people don’t have enough courage to make such a drastic decision. And this leads to the second way… 

Transitioning… Here you stop the use of relaxers completely and allow the undergrowth to grow out for a month or two or three or four or twelve! Before you then trim off the relaxed ends. This way you still have some reasonable amount of length when you finally trim off the relaxed ends. 

However, the transitioning process,as easy as it sounds, has so many CONS! 

My sister, this is because your hair now has two very different textures; straight Vs curly/kinky and this is not a very good combination. 

The hair tends to break at the point where the two textures meet and this really happens to people with really kinky hair. The hair gets drier than normal, thicker,tangled and very hard to comb in some cases. 

But hey! There’s much light at the other end of the tunnel! Lol 😀

You can conquer all of these if you learn how to deal with the two textures and moisturize your hair efficiently! 

In the natural hair world, moisture is key and so the sooner you learn that, the better for you! 

With enough moisture, you can easily detangle your mane and thus style easily with little or no stress. 

What you need for the moisturising process:

  1. A spritz bottle with water
  2. A wide toothed comb for detangling
  3. A detangling conditioner with lots of slip
  4. A very good moisturizing conditioner
  5. A good hair oil
  6. Hair Clips 

The Process:

  1. Use the hair clips and clip your hair in six sections
  2. Start with one section at a time. Saturate each section with the water from your spritz bottle. Warm water is preferable 
  3. Apply the oil, e. g coconut oil or olive oil to your strands and massage it in with your fingertips
  4. Coat your hair with the strangler from roots to tips. Make sure the strangling conditioner is really slippery. 
  5. Finger detangle, i. e use your fingers to do what a comb should do. 
  6. Then use your wide toothed combed. 
  7. When you’re done with all the sections, apply the moisturising conditioner the same way you applied the detangler in sections
  8. Style as desired. 

    So that’s basically what you need to do to moisturize your hair. 

    To those that will scrape off their hair, it’ll be easier since they’ll not have to deal with two textures. 

    If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comments and I’ll be too glad to reply! You can also send me an e-mail at

    I hope this helps you ladies who are thinking about going natural this year. 

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    Love y’all! 


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