Foodie Post: Fresh Pumpkin Leaf Soup (Nkong Efere)

Happy Sunday beauties…

It’s been a while… I don’t have much going on with my hair at the moment and so I decided to start doing food recipe posts.

One of my objectives for the blog this year was to be creative and create interesting content and I like cooking and creating new recipes and so here’s what I had for dinner yesterday!

What you need:

  1. 3 smoked fish(I don’t know the exact name of this fish but I really liked it) and 1 stock fish head
  2. Lean meat(cooked and spiced)
  3. Crayfish and fresh peppers (blended)
  4. Sliced onions..a bulb!
  5. Fresh Pumpkin leaves(chopped) called nkong on my local dialect!  :mrgreen:
  6. Fresh water leaves(chopped)

They are in that order in the photo above!
Others that are not in the photo are: 

  • Palm oil,salt and maggi

What to do:

  • Put some quantity of water in a clean pot and add your stock fish to the water in the pot. Leave to boil for about 15 minutes!
  • Add the smoked fish and meat and the crayfish/pepper mix. Leave for 5 minutes!
  • Add your water leaves and then add your palm oil or any oil of your choice. Don’t stir! Leave it to cook till it turns to a fade green. Then stir!
  • Add salt and maggi or any spices you prefer.
  • Add the green pumpkin leaves and leave to cook and that’s all
  • If you want it fresh, you could leave to cook for only 5 minutes after adding the pumpkin. Its better that way…for me!
  • Serve hot!

I ate my soup..nkong efere(fresh pumpkin leaf soup) and then made a apple/watermelon smoothie to go with it because lately I’ve started eating healthyand taking more veggies!

However the others ate their with garri.. A local cassava starch that most Nigerians can’t do without :mrgreen:

So that’s all! Have you eaten this food before? Is the mode or preparation similar to any if your local delicacies? Would you love to try this? Let me know your thoughts. :mrgreen: I love reading and replying to your comments.
Thank you all. 😁


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