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MY FAV PRODUCT REVIEW: Curls and Naturals Dream Curl Crème by BioCare Labs! 

Hola Chulas!

This is one post I’ve been looking forward to all week!

It’s a product review if one of my favorite products. The Curls and Naturals Dream Curl Crème by BioCare Labs.

This product means everything to my natural hair journey. I bought this product for about 1600 naira at Eni Stores in this year and have been using to twist my hair. I’ve also used it on two customers. I used it to do Bantu knots for her on transitioning hair.

It’s almost near empty now and I think it’s high time I give my opinion about it.

Product Name

Curls and Naturals Dream Curl Crème


This product contains anti-Oxidant, rich, blend of Natural Honey, Pure Shea Butter, silk proteins, Coconut Oil, Abysinnian Oil and nature’s finest plant essences.

Free of Parabens, Dyes, and Mineral Oils and Sulfates

I got it at 1600 naira for 12oz cup! I think that’s very cheap

What it promises:

To lengthen and define curls while moisturising too!

My Honest Review:

This product has the thickness and consistency of margarine. It’s thick but not too heavy or light!

It smells so good but doesn’t joke when it mistakenly enters the eye!

I’ve used it for about 5 or 6 times on my hair and twice on others.

The first time I used this product it was on wet/damp hair and my hair took forever to dry…well because this product also acts like a humectant as it contains honey, and my results were not great although my hair was moisturised as never before and it was for about 3 days.

The second time I just spritz my hair very lightly…I mean very,very lightly before using the product to twist and these were my results…moisturised, shiny and defined coils. Everyone at school was oohing and aahing over my hair…really.

Other times I’ve used to Bantu knot too!

And the results before fluffing!

This twists were remade on Tuesday and i didn’t add more of the product while twisting except the one I applied on Sunday but my hair was still moisturised. Take a look at how juicy my twists were. My hair is still moisturised till today but sadly humidity won’t let me enjoy my definition.

That’s how good this product is and I highly recommend this for ladies with thick/medium coarse or dry hair with low porosity that is hard to moisturise and retain moisture!


– It’s affordable

– A little goes a long way…too much of it will get your hair all greasy and cause unnecessary buildup, so it lasts long.

– It comes in a cup. I love products that come in a cup.

– It does exactly what it says on the label… :mrgreen:


– The story can change if it gets into your eye…it can “pepper” somebody’s eye ehn! Lol :mrgreen:

– Good things are hard to come by…since that day, I haven’t seen that product again anywhere!


I’ll rate this honeybun 10/10 and give it 5 stars anyday anytime.
Have you used this product before? Did you like it or no? Please feel free to share your experience :mrgreen:


I was not paid by anyone to do this review or given this product for free to review on here. I bought it and this is my very honest review. Thanks!


11 thoughts on “MY FAV PRODUCT REVIEW: Curls and Naturals Dream Curl Crème by BioCare Labs! 

  1. Hi Mary! Great review, I’m yet to try this product though. I just started a hair feature series on my blog for teenagers with natural hair. I was hoping you might be interested and there are lots of options to choose from like sharing your hair story, being featured as a hair icon or showing off a hairstyle as glam natural, etc.

    It’ll be great especially as you’re one of the few teen natural hair bloggers. More about it has just been posted on my blog, Let me know what you think, Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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