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Sister Problems?

It’s almost midnight and I’m up here alone…in the living room with the lights on. My head hurts so badly and all I just wanna do is write.

This is about my life right now, every was going on smoothly this night until my immediate senior sister hit me. We were all seeing this movie on my laptop and the actor said something in Spanish and the two if us plus my brother were arguing on the meaning of what he said and my Sister couldn’t keep calm, she was shouting and I said that she should stop shouting rubbish because it was late in the night and then she hit me.

I’m not trying to turn let y’all into my private life but I just want to know how to handle a sister who is a bully! I don’t think a sibling should be that way because he/she is older. Or does it? She’s just a year older than I am but has been bullying me since I ever knew her and has always been exercising her seniority on me. Does anyone face these problems too!

I’m just saying. Thinking out loud




3 thoughts on “Sister Problems?

  1. Well being older doesn’t give anyone the right to bully someone. Have you tried talking to your sister and telling her how u feel and that it’s wrong to hit someone? Maybe she doesn’t realize that she hurts your feelings, also by talking it could also bring up some underlying problem as to why she bullies you etc. If talking doesn’t work you can try standing up for yourself and telling her that you are not a pushover. Sometimes some people bully others because they know the person doesn’t say a lot about the issue. Hope i was able to help. 🙂

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      1. Ohh i see. Even if she is bigger still stand up for yourself you don’t have to use like violence but just by what you say cause the point is to get her to understand that because you are bigger you don’t have no authority to do that lol I bet you if you start telling her some stuff she will be shocked lol But definitely try talking first lol

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