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Wash Day Ft. Guava Leaf Rinse

Hello sweets…

Yesterday was WashDay and the creative natural in me was out again!

I really want to treat my hair right so as to achieve my goal length and volume this year and there’s no other thing to do than following a strict regimen and giving your hair so much TLC.

For yesterday’s washday I started with a very yummy prepoo.

I mixed some of my Double Sheen Argan oil Conditioner with a bit of red palm oil for my prepoo treatment. I dampened my hair a bit with warm water and massaged in with my hands before applying the prepoo first on my ends and worked up to the roots. I covered with a plastic cap and left on for 1 hour.

I went on to rinse off with warm water and washed my hair with my Double Sheen Argan Oil Shampoo using the new massage brush I bought.

Its been a long time since I cowashed because it wasn’t totally lifting off the buildup and my scalp didn’t feel as clean as I wanted. I am now using sulfate free shampoos and they do a good job to clean my scalp. I wash my hair weekly with shampoo now.

After washing my hair, I squeezed off excess water and applied my hot oil treatment.

I placed a stainless steel plate containing mustard seed oil in a stainless steel plate of hot water. I took it out after sometime and applied on my scalp,covered with a plastic bag and left on for 30 minutes.

I rinsed off with warm water and proceeded to do my deep conditioning.

For my deep conditioning, I used my Every Strand Aloe Vera Deep Conditioning Treatment. I mixed three spoonfuls of mustard seed oil and two spoonfuls of water before applying.

I detangled and twisted each section as I applied. I then covered with a plastic bag and left on for four hours! So silly of me but this movie that I was seeing,”Tyrant”,didn’t let me remember. 😁

I rinsed off with warm water and, OMG, my hair was moisturised and felt so soft and smooth!

I then rinsed finally with my guava leaves rinse. I put fresh guava leaves in a bowl and washed them before pouring hot water on them.

I left to cool and had a kinda tea color. I used to rinse my hair and its smelt so good. I’ll write a post about the benefits of doing this rinse.
So i squeezed out some excess water with an old tee-shirt before doing the LOC. My mustard seed oil served as the O and a bit of Shea butter to seal.I noticed that Shea butter caused dryness to my hair so I now use it in small quantities and only when my hair is damp/wet.

That’s how interesting my wash day was!

Thanks for reading loves!

Have you used mustard seed oil on your hair before? Or guava leaves rinse? Feel free to comment :mrgreen:


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