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My Wash Day Was Epic!

I mean… It was the first time I actually, intentionally, correctly totally washed my hair in sections from start to finish.
But, I used rubber bands to hold my hair in place and this was as a result of me not finding butterfly clamps anywhere in Abuja when I travelled a few weeks back or where I stay. I’ve searched for this thing everywhere! If you have too many or you can get them in your area, please do well and come and dash me some biko!
I washed my hair on Saturday night and it took me about 3 hours to complete my whole wash day routine!

So I had my hair in five sections
I had just loosened my twists and my hair was pretty tangled and the thought of detangling really scared me.



So I didn’t detangle first.
I started with Shampooing my hair.
I use a no-sulfate shampoo called Every Strand AloeVera Moisturizing Shampoo.
In fact for this wash day, I used on products from this line. Its really cheap,lasts long and does a good job on my hair.

I shampooed each section using my fingers to gently rub my scalp to lift up dirt and to massage my scalp for stimulation.
I rinsed out with water.

Then I did a hot oil treatment.
If you’ve been following my posts you’d realize that I do hot all treatments on all my wash days. I put up a post sometime ago about the benefits of a hot oil treatment. You should check it out HERE.

So, I put my bottle of coconut oil inside a plastic bowl filled with hot water and took it out after a few minutes. The oil was hot enough to use on my scalp and so I took down first section poured the oil directly on my scalp in that section and worked it up from roots to the ends with my fingers.
I did same with the other sections and covered with a plastic bag for about 20 minutes.
I mixed my DC during this time.

I was going for a moisture DC but decided to make it a combo of moisture/protein since I was going to install a PS the next day.

I used my hand to scoop out some of my Every Strand Aloe Vera Moisturising Deep Conditioner. I took enough for my whole head and then scooped enough of my Bama Mayonnaise. I use Bama as my protein DC and its really bam!

I rinsed out the coconut oil from my hair,face and neck because by this time, I had coconut oil dripping all over my face and neck.. Lol!

I squeezed out excess water and then applied the DC mix to my hair starting from the ends. And it was then that I started detangling. This thick conditioner glided through all my tangles and the before process(shampooing and hot oil treatment) made detangling easier.

I used my fingers to detangle in sectipns and I didn’t use any combs throughout my wash day as I had long stopped using combs on unstretched, detangled hair.
In fact, I don’t just like using combs at all!

I covered my hair with a plastic bag, a wool net and a big scarf.
I left it on for 1 hour before washing out.
I still rinsed out in the same five sections and I used warm water first before cold water
My hair was so soft and those curls and coils were so defined.

I left my hair to dry in those sections and since it was around 11pm at night, I went straight to bed without sealing anything!
My hair wasn’t dry in the morning and even in the afternoon so I sealed the moisture with my Palmer’s Coconut Milk Leave In.

I couldn’t take a picture of my hair after the wash because my Camera was no where to be found and I was feeling too sleepy to take one. But I guess someone,one newbie naturalista has learned a thing or two! *winks*

PS: I got my PS installed on Sunday and my hair is now in waist length box braids. It’s so beautiful


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