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5 Things I’ve Learned On My Journey To Long Hair

By FroBunni:




I do the same thing each week. I wash at the beginning of the week, cowash in the middle of the week, and I moisturize and seal almost daily. I do this day in, month out, and all year round. Consistency helps to ward off breakage and dry hair, and it also means that I will be style ready at all points of the week. It is the key for growing long hair, as well as making natural hair easy.



I used to try to use other naturals’ regimens as my own. I would eat up my favorite bloggers and vloggers regimens, only to find it didn’t work for my hair or wasn’t working within my time commitments. Instead, I had to develop my own regimen. Because my hair is unique only to me, I had to create my own regimen, my own techniques, and my how-to’s for hair styles so that everything fit perfectly for me.




I big chopped in 2009, I wasn’t waist length by 2010. In fact, it took til 2013 for me to reach waist length hair. I can’t say that I embodied patience at all times, but I knew that I could do nothing other than be patient.



Miracle products promise an ideal outcome with little effort. They’re always too good to be true. From tea rinses to scalp massages to protective styles, I used to try everything to grow my hair quickly until I realized that they weren’t working…and some were even causing damage. Instead of trying to find a miracle product, I began to focus on products that properly moisturized my hair and products that made my hair strong. I began to incorporate techniques to prevent breakage. When I focused on the health of my hair, my hair began to flourish.




I continue to struggle with this today. But I always have to remind myself to focus on the health of my hair. When my hair starts to get dry in the middle of the week, I can’t continue with my hairstyle, I need to cowash and start over. If I love my stretched style, but my ends are getting ragged, I have to wash. And in the summer when humidity is at an all time high, I need to stick to protect styles. Making a hairstyle last isn’t worth the damage it causes.




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