Diary Of A Natural Naija Student During Exams: Day 1 & 2

It’s really been a  crazy week for me.
My exams started on Tuesday and since I decided not to put my hair in a PS, it’s been quite challenging.. You know. Trying to get a quick style to wear to school since I can’t just comb my hair and zoom off! 😀

The first day ,Tuesday, was bloody! 
My hair was… Grey White

I washed my hair on Monday and had it in braids. I took down the braids the next day and moisturized with my Cocoa butter and my hair milk…. (wrong, wrong move)
Unluckily for me, the temperature outside was too low and the Cocoa butter didn’t melt in my hair…it hardened instead(you know that butter hardens at low temperatures and melts at high temperatures…so you can imagine)

And I ended up with my hair looking like this



Y’all see that white hair? 😁😁😁😁
All the invigilators kept on asking what I had in my hair.
My mates were amazed and asked me a lot of questions.
Some said it looked like I had a wig or a cap on… Lol.

The Second day, today, however was a lot better.
I just dampened my shrunken hair with a little water and tried to massage the butter into my hair.
It worked!
And then I threw in a small scarf and off I went…


This looked better and I didn’t get any awkward stares today too. But this shrinkage is just too much but I heart it too much!  😁

As a Student, how do you deal with your hair during exams? You could share some style tips with me too! *covers face*
Feel free to comment and Share!

Thanks for reading..
KinkChic 😊


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