DIY Moisturizer For Natural Hair

So many naturals find it hard to get the perfect leave in conditioner or moisturizer.
I too had the same problem few weeks ago till…
I finally found it…
The Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk has been a life saver these few weeks as it helped to detangle and moisturize my thick mane.

It’s cheap for its size,I got it for 1400 at a cosmetic shop although the price has slightly risen by 400 naira.
It’s very lightweight as in very very lightweight and it contains no sulfates or parabens.
It also has water as its very first ingredient and has about 65% of its ingredients all natural.
As an experimental naturalists, I decided to go further with it.
I created a wonderful daily leave in spritz for myself. I added other simple products as well.

What I added;
•70% Water
•Three tbsp of the Palmer’s Coconut Hair Milk
•Two tbsp of Kids Organics Shea butter Moisturising Detangling Lotion
•Two tbsp of Coconut Oil
• One tbsp of Castor oil


I mixed the with a plastic bowl and poured into my spritz bottle and shook vigorously to mix well.
I ended up with a slippery lightweight milk leave in that can last for a month.

You can also use the above recipe for a detangler but you have to make it a bit thick but slippery.
You can use as a spritz when on a protective style to keep your hair moisturized.

I hope this helps someone especially the newbies.

Happy New month people 😀


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