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Rubber thread or Wool?

Hello Cuties…
Happy New month again!
I took down my PS after 2 weeks and some days(the hair was too rough)
I then detangle my hair with my Shea butter detangle. (See my next YouTube video for this awesome product)

I can’t still figure out how to moisturize my hair…hmmm.
I just wore in a shrunken puff to school today



After lectures I went to the local
“BEAUTY” salon to get my hair threaded




I know I don’t look too good.. But.. My hair will get stretched without the use of any heat!

I paid 300 Naira to the auntie that made the hair.
Do you like? Do you prefer threading with rubber? or wool? or aboki thread? or Brazilian wool?
Comments please 😁


9 thoughts on “Rubber thread or Wool?

      1. I think d rubber thread stretches the hair more because of the elasticity but where I live, wool is easier to come by. So I usually use wool for some of my buns but rubber thread doesn’t snag my strands like wool. I think rubber is the best but wool is more available here.

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  1. Wow, have never gotten done so sorry I can’t help you on that one, is very nice, by the way for your strands, for moisture, try the LOC Method or LCO Method, let me know if this works for you 😀

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