Nappy Hair Journal


Hello babes 😀
Thank God it’s Friday!!!

So i decided to share with y’all my best songs this week.

1. Heart Attack – Trey Songz

I love this song because its so appealing to the soul.
Love can feel like a heart attack sometimes when it turns out to be what you didn’t want it to be.

2. Applaudise – Iyanya

This song will never go without being played on my wedding day.

3. Would you still love me the same – I’ve forgotten the artiste.

This song is the bestest song i’ve listened to ever..or not 😀
If i got locked away and we lost it all today,tell me honestly will you still love me the same

4. You’re never fully dressed without a smile – Sia

The title says it all.

5 Sia – Chandelier

I wanna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist! Yea 😀

So that’s it for today!

P.S: I’ve known these songs before now but all of a sudden I’m liking them again 🙂
Drop your favourite songs in the comments.
Thanks for reading 😀


9 thoughts on “5 SONGS I’M LOVING THIS WEEK

  1. Apparently I love 1,2 and 5 also, Trey songz is a of my many crushes. My favourite ones now are powerful by alicia keys & Jussie in the Empire TV show, okamfo by iyanya, forgive me by group 1 crew, lucky by jason mraz , stupid love by jason derulo, titanium by sia . The list goes on and on


  2. March 11th was my birthday and I listened to Powerful by Jessie Smollett and Alicia Keys like a hundred times that day.
    Masterpiece and Flashlight both by Jessie J got me going as well.


  3. On your list, I love Heart Attack.. I also have this thing where I start liking old songs again😁… Meanwhile, I sent you an email in relation to the hair post… Check it out.


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