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Hello World…

If you are among the ones that read my first post on this should know that that was the first phrase i used! 😀

I just want to re-introduce myself and my blog again.
This time,more interestingly 🙂

Say Hello to Mary:
” Hello!
I’m Mary Godwin from Nigeria who loves to blog,singggg and surf the net and read!
I just turned 17 although I started this blog when I was 16 years old.
I am an A-Level Student in the University of Uyo for Medicine and Surgery(I just got started).
I love singing a lottttt and i love taking pictures but my phone doesn’t do justice to that aspect of my life 😀
I love meeting people and making friends especially from other countries and on the net and in person too!
I started blogging publicly about my natural hair journey because I was so amazed at the versatility of black hair. I had natural hair for some time after high school but had it relaxed just two months before i joined a natural hair group on Facebook because i didn’t know how to maintain my natural hair.
It hurt so bad that i discovered this group when i had already relaxed my hair but i decided to do the big chop and start taking care of my hair.
I did a lot of research,read so many hair blogs and i got so inspired and decided to start up a blog of my own where i can document my hair journey,inspire and encourage some other black girl to rock her natural hair with pride.
When i started blogging,it was so hard because my phone is a small phone but somehow,i found a way out. I still use my small phone and when i tell people i use my phone they get so surprised.
I still have to go to the Cyber Cafe every now and then but I can use my phone to type 😀

Topics on my blog cut across so many aspects. Although its really focused on My hair journey, Hair Care and DIY recipes,I sometimes love to write some random posts about fashion,music,lifestyle and my Relationship with God or any thing that’s happening around me 🙂
I hope to stretch my Topic Agenda to include Product Reviewing because I love trying out things and I have noticed lately that i have a ”thing” for trying out good products. I have so many drafts of reviews that I’ll complete soonest for you my lovely reader 😀
I would love to connect with so many expert natural hair bloggers, do some online interviews with them also guest blogging on some blogs won’t be a bad idea 🙂
I’d love to connect to singers too and that mean I have to start introducing videos to this blog but my phone is kinda trashing that idea for now 🙂
So maybe when i get a better phone I’ll do just that.
But you can check some of my short song clips by following me on Instagram @kinkchic 😀 Be sure to give feedback on them..thanks!

If i blog successfully throughout the next year,I hope to accomplish a whole lot of things. I hope to have over a thousand people reading my posts a day 😀
I hope to have better blog content and good quality pictures.
I also hope to improve a lot of thing on my blog because I haven’t really mastered the art of blogging on WordPress.
I hope to own my blog..i.e have a domain name.
And so much more!

Blogging about stuff like natural hair as a student isn’t as easy as it may look and i can boldly say that this blog has encouraged me to continue in this natural hair journey because there are times that i feel like relaxing my natural hair when i feel so disappionted but then i remember that I have a natural hair blog and that a good number of people look up to me for hair advice and inspiration and then i get the courage to move on. I remember that i do not want to be have ”I was a blogger” when talking about myself because I love writing online. I’m so enthusiastic about my hair and I’ve just got to share that enthusiasm with the world!

Thanks for reading 😀

KinkCHIC 🙂



4 thoughts on “WHO I AM and WHY I’M HERE

  1. Nice! another hair blog I can follow. I was natural for two years and then I relaxed it as my aim was to grow out healthy hair and then keep it healthy. I still follow my hair regimen from when I was natural and it’s been working so far for my hair.

    I currently have my hair at neck length and I want to have my hair at BSL (bra strap length) by the end of next year.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you


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