DIY DEEP CONDITIONER RECIPE 1 : Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner

TGIF!!! 😀
Happy Friday Cuties!

I’m so excited that it’s Friday..finally.
It’s been a fast and interesting week. I’ve really been enjoying classes and my pimples(puberty sha!) have started going away slowly because i’ve decided to stop picking them.

Well,the main point of focus today is on DIY Deep Conditioning Recipes and it’s going to be a series that’ll come in 7 Posts.
Recently, I’ve been getting messages from some cute newbies who don’t know how to include deep conditioning in their regimen or even what to use as deep conditioners.
Although there are deep conditioners in stores, DIY deep conditioners do come in handy and are easy to make.

The First Deep Conditioning Recipe I’ll be sharing today is the DIY Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner.

This Conditioner is a combo of protein and a moisturising conditioner and so natural girls that are overly protein sensitive could extend periods of application to Monthly instead of weekly.
I am not protein that,so i use it weekly.

– Bama Mayonnaise
– Carrier Oil (This is optional as Mayonnaise already contains a lot of oils) which should be added in little quantity
– Honey (This is also optional)
– Stir spoon
– Stainless steel bowl or ceramic plate.
– Wide toothed Comb

– Start on freshly washed hair that is damp and detangled.
– Section hair and twist or hold with hair clips.
– Start with one section by slathering on a good amount of the mixture on that section and work it into hair from root to tips.
-Clip or retwist that section and do same to other sections.
– If your hair is not long enough to twist or clip,just apply all over hair.
– Cover hair with one or two plastic bags and wear a shower cap. You could wear a headwrap or sit under a dryer on a warm setting for added heat effect.
– Leave on for 45-60 minutes.
– Rinse off with cold water or very little conditioner if you wish.
– Dry hair with an old tee shirt.
– Moisturise hair and style as usual.

And that’s all 😀

Today is going to be Washday for me and my hair is almost 2weeks old in yarn twists.
I will clean with ACV and then deep condition with my ORS Condish.
More info on this tomorrow with pictures.
Bye for now! 😀

I hope this post helps someone.


KinkCHIC 😀


5 thoughts on “DIY DEEP CONDITIONER RECIPE 1 : Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner

  1. Hey great post!! I have never tried a DIY conditioner so was wondering what differences you have noticed with your hair when using the Mayonnaise conditioner as opposed to store bought conditioners? Since this is so easy to make I am tempted to try it.


    1. Thanks! I don’t know if it’s just me but i observed that when i was using the DIY mayonnaise my hair thrives more and i had no breakage. My next wash day will totally be featuring this DIY conditioner. My hair feels so soft and the shine i have after using it lasts for days that people notice and have to ask what i used on my hair. I just started using store bought DC’s but i still prefer my Mayo DC. I’d love to get feedback when you try it out. 🙂

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