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Happy New Year!!!



Happy New Year Loves 😀

I’m so grateful to God for giving me another opportunity to start afresh,to start on a clean slate.
I’m grateful to God for giving me you guys,an audience,people who love to view and read my blog’s content. 🙂
I’m grateful to God for seeing me through last year’s hurdles and crossing me safely over to 2016.

Like every other person on earth,i have new year resolutions but this I’m changing them to Projects..that I actually have to work towards to fulfill. 🙂

I’ve made resolutions in all aspects of my life; Relationships: with God, with Me and with Others. Hair, Academics, Music Ministry, Finances. Etc

But one thing is common in all the aspects that I’ve resolved to better, CONSISTENCY!
I’ve got to be consistent.

– The worshiper in me needs Consistency.
I have to be consistent if i want to be hot for God.
The bible says God does not want lukewarmness,its either you are hot or cold.

In relating with Myself:
– Yes,i have to learn to love myself more.
I have to learn to accept my body the way it is,my complexion,the color of my eyes,my lips and know that God made it that way for a purpose.
Last year,i was so obsessed with losing weight that i didnt even realised when i did.
I have to stay fit..
Yes,loving yourself also entails taking care of yourself and try to stay healthy because..Obesity kills!
I have to develop Consistency in exercise and eating routine too!

In relating with others:
– I still have to maintain consistency in keeping my boundaries but letting Joy and friendliness radiate from me.
I have to learn to smile and laugh more often. 😀 🙂

Gbam Gbam!

– Deep Condition weekly
My hair has really experienced breakage and is really in bad shape.
Some parts just cutting off unexplainably..well not so.
I just need to up my DC game 🙂
-Develop a hair routine that will fit in my school routine.
– Wear my hair bonnet every night(i got one)
– Up my moisture game
– Completely carry out the 12 challenges of the year 😀
– Achieve Shoulder length hair by the end of 2016!

– I really intend to expand my content and audience this year.
– I also plan on following more bloggers and commenting more on other blogs(ultimate resolution) 🙂

– Read,Comprehend,Pass my exams with all A’s 🙂

– Save 500 naira weekly that’s about 2$ a week.
I really need to up my saving game because i need a Camera or a better phone at least! 😦


Upload more music videos on my IG on weekends when I’m less busy with schoolwork 🙂

So this is my Project Outline and I hope to achieve all of them.
So Help me God 🙂

Happy New Year From me to You!
Yes you! 😀



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Happy New Year
    Nice new year resolutions, part of mine is to step up on my daily routine concerning my hair treatment in order to make it softer cause hair stylists complain a lot about my hair. ..
    Congrats on your admission, wish you the best this semester


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