Nappy Hair Journal


This post was due for the 29th tho!
But network was so bad and i couldn’t make it.

I’m very happy that I’m celebrating one year fully natural!

It’s just seems like i had my BC yesterday
I came across this group on Facebook,”Natural Hair Babes” and i was amazed to see how natural hair could be worn so beautifully.
I had already worn my natural hair for 1year and 2months but applied relaxer because i couldn’t take care of the hair.
Google became my buddy and i came across the world of blogging . I started reading BGLH but her blog was consuming my data like crazy. LOL
I then came across the Kink and I blog and that became my inspiration to start blogging.

I began reading her blog almost every day.
The way she writes sounds like my own writing and i really wanted to document my hair journey too!

So i transitioned for two months

Bantu knot out on my transitioning hair
can you see my new growth?
my transitioning hair looked more like natural hair because my ends were not fully relaxed
my mom made the twists for me with my hair only
braid hair looked so natural then

Then i did the big chop on the 29th of December,2014.


At first,i wanted to transition for a year but i couldn’t handle the two textures so i did the Big Chop.
My mom really kicked against it because my relaxed hair was very healthy and full.
Although she is now my major stylist 😀
I’ve been trying my best to take care of my hair and so far so good,I’m impressed with my hair growth.

I’ve also learned a lot of things about my hair.
Some of them are;

They say that water is a universal solvent.
That’s very true.
Water dissolves my hair.
In other words, My hair loves water!
A good amount of conditioner,some oils and enough water,does the trick on my coarse hair. It makes it look and feel soft.

My hair has Low Porosity!
Thats a very big contrast right?
Yes.. She loves water and yet she has low porosity.
So to get the water in,i do a lot of hard work.
I have to pour a full bucket of water on my hair and it’s just like pouring water on a ducks back 😀
I’m serious.
So I massage with my hands and once the water gets in,it stays in and take a long while to dry completely.
So apritz bottles don’t do the trick for me,my hair gets dry so fast because obviously the moisture didn’t get in.

My hair can shrink!
This one is just too much…
My hair shrinks to the extent that people will be asking if i cut my hair again 😀
But i love shrinkage!
Because it allows me to switch my looks. I can sport a cute TWA,a big bad ass fro,a little pony puff whenever i want.

I have different hair textures on my head!
Yes…the hair at my nape,front and sides are less denser than the hair in the middle.
It could take 2 hours to braid or twist the hair in that area 😀

That’s all for now.

FRONT – 6.0 inches
SIDES – 6.0 inches
NAPE – 5.5 inches





Neck length when shrunken and Collar bone length when stretched.

TRIMS: 1 (early August)

So for my first year,i succeeded in achieving Collar Bone Length (CBL) 😀
I think i could have achieved more because i trimmed once in August and i lost a lot of hair after i took down my ps in November.

Nevertheless,I’m looking forward to Shoulder Length on my 2nd anniversary next year and I’m going to work towards that.
I really enjoyed my first year so much.

I wore a good number of protective styles



Bestie said it looks like a stadium! 😀




I also mastered the art of bantu knotting


I’m still trying to achieve a perfect wash and go.


So that’s how far I’ve gone in my Hair Journey.

For my hairniversary,i wore my hair in a high puff!







  1. Great goals my dear, also make sure that one is always healthy beautiful tresses 😀 wish you the best and hope you achieve your goals 😀 😀 😀 Yayayayayayay, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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