Mary's Musings

It’s DECEMBER already!

And Yea! I’m so excited..
I’ve really been away from this place for a while and I’m so sorry.
I took ill a couple of days ago but I thank God that I’m getting better.
I also want to say a big THANK YOU! to my readers for their encouragement and all.
Christmas is almost here and I can smell festivity in the air.
Naija boys with their knockouts ehn!
School has been so stressful and i hardly have any time to post any hair update although i’ve taken so many pictures of my hair.
So far… She is doing well and is already 11months old Post BC. Yay!
I like that my hair is increasing in volume and length(almost 6 Inches…”almost” 😀 )
Water is still my best moisturizer and i’ve started using leave-in conditioners…they just do magic to my hair nowadays.
I’ll do a hairupdate post tomorrow.
I’ve not done a proper wash/DC day for my hair in almost 2months and so I’m thinking of stepping up my hair game and doing that this weekend.
BTW KinkCHIC is now on instagram @kinkchic so show some love and followwwwww. 😀
Happy Christmas in Advance…

Love :*
KinkCHIC 😀


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