Mary's Musings

True Love Is At The Door

It’s a Sunday and unfortunately i’m not going to church 😦
I’m at home surfing the net with my phone and then I decide to check my facebook news feed.
As I’m scrolling down I see this post linking to a wordpress blog

And I’m like Whoa!

I flashback on my whole life.
I realise almost the same thing.
Living my life without acknowledging God’s Love for me is like living an atheist’s life.
This God is Love and if I don’t acknowledge His Love it’s same as not aknowledging His existence.

Something else hits me almost instantaneously…
Failing to acknowledge God’s Love for me is too small to move God.
It won’t change anything about Him…it won’t make Him more or less God.
He remains the same.
The very minute I abuse the very Gift of Salvation,a thousand men are declaring their love for him.
The very minute I grieve His begotten Son, a million men are crying,”Abba Father”.
The very minute I doubt his Love, a billion men are holding fast on their trust in Him.

I realise that whatever I do,is too small to please God and that’s why I should strive to do more.
I look into the Book and I read that,”The earth is like a scoop of water from an ocean”. Wow!

I realise that even my circumstance doesn’t stand a chance..I’ve got to please Him at all times.
I realise that the very minute i breath my last… I’ll account for the life He gave to me.
Oh yes! We all will

I Acknowledge His Love for Me Today.
You can do same too 😀

Church is wherever you find yourself 😀
Share this message and don’t fail to comment if you can.
Happy Sunday y’all


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