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Semi-WashDay FT. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse…First Impressions

Happy Saturday curlfriends…
This post was due for last Saturday but i just couldn’t put it up….so m any posts were saved in my drafts.
I’m glad i can today!

Well it’s all about my last washday semi-washday because it wasn’t really a wash day.
Lemme just say..a rinse day.

I just got this brand of Apple Cider Vinegar and i decided to try it out.

Product Name

Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar

I got the small size 10 oz. for 350 naira only

My Semi-wash Routine
Firstly i did a prepoo with Groundnut oil covered my hair a plastic cap and left on for some hours.
I then detangled my hair with a DIY detangler i came up with.

– Any CoWash Conditioner
– Groundnut Oil
– and little water

The quantity of the ingredients depends on the volume and length of your hair.
And this is just where i made a mistake..i made a very little quantity and it didn’t cover my whole head…big thanks to my conditioner that just finished.

The parts of my hair that was completely saturated by the detangler was so soft and detangled easily. The rest,another story.

How I used the ACV
Then i proceeded to do the rinse.
I had checked on various natural hair blogs on how to do an ACV rinse but i just couldn’t get it.
And..i ran out of data. Gosh!
So i had to do it on my own.

– 3 tbsps of ACV
– One full kettle of warm water

I rinsed my hair with the mixture and then finally rinsed out with cold water.

The Results
My hair was so stripped of feeling,no nothing.

The mistake i made was that i put too much oil in my hair and maybe the quantity of the ACV was too little.
I just put my hair in cornrows and left to dry.

Dried cornrows

When i un-braided the next day,Saturday,my hair looked cool in a side part.
I just finger combed and then went my way.(i couldn’t take a picture at the time…sniff)
But the hot sun did it’s thing on my hair and my hair became dry in a jiffy with a dull look.

This chic a’int smiling

It even became so tangled.
I tell ye,i had my first bad hair day.

So for the ACV i rate it 9/10 and this is just because of the odour. It’s so strong.
I will get more info on how to use this wonderful product.

Will i use this Product again?
Oh yes! I definitely will..and in a more knowledgeable manner 😀


The next day,Sunday, i didn’t know what to do with my hair.
So i just poured on water from head to toe while having my bath.
Patted my hair with an old t-shirt and then when it was still damp,i applied my Ori(sheabutter) fluffed and combed with my fingers and was on my way to his presence.

Surprisingly,i got so many good compliments for my hair.
Girls were like,”Is this your hair or a wig”.
”Your hair is so thick,how do you manage to comb?”
”I don’t comb”,I replied
I do comb though…mostly when wet.

My aunt came in from PH and was like(when she saw my hair)
”Mary,is this your hair”.
”Yes aunt” i replied
”Jesus,i thought it was all these Afro wigs. It’s so thick. Do you dye your hair” she asked.
I was surprised.
”No aunt,it’s my natural hair” I replied in between giggles.

My aunt said my hair is so black while me i’m thinking that my hair is getting brownish.
Well…well.. Her compliments forced me to take these pictures too! 😀





Have a fun-filled day.


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