A tweak in my daily regimen: From LOC to LC

I kinda tweaked my hair regimen and this is not because the LOC isn’t working for me any longer. It’s just because my hair gets really oily when i do the LOC so i decided to change it to LC(liduid and cream) only.
I mean,the cream i use is even ‘oil’ at hot temperatures. Talk about standing in the sun and the sheabutter melts plus the oil i added during the LOC.
So i am sticking with the LC.
I’ve been doing it for about one week now and it’s much better than LOC for me.

So yesterday i poured on a bucket of water,as usual.
My low porosity hair friend said to dip hair totally in a bucket of water. Lol 😀
I didn’t take her advice though.
I poured on the water and massages with my fingers so the water could really get in.
Then,this time around i didn’t pat with a t-shirt.
I left the water on my hair and applied the raw shea butter,fluffed with fingers and went on my way.
(I have almost stopped using combs and I’m liking it)
Although it took a longer time to dry,my hair felt really soft and actually looked soft!

Shrunken big wet fro
Shrunken big wet fro

I haven’t deep conditioned my hair for the whole of this month whereas i’m supposed to be deep conditioning weekly.
I plan to make it up to my hair next month. She actually looks good and i can see some curls popping. 🙂

Have you tried this tweak on the LOC method? Share with us bae! 😀


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