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Day 3: Twists on fleek Ft. Groundnut Oil

Hey Curlfriends…
It’s four days since i had my hair twisted with a few side cornrows and I’m grateful to God for making it possible for me and you to stay alive 😀

Yesterday was Day 3 of my twists and i just decided to refresh my hair as my hair’s thirst for water doesn’t seem to get satiated.
So while having my bath,i just poured water on my hair without washing or anything.


And when i came outta the bathroom i smoothed down the twists with Groundnut(Another name for peanut) oil on my hands and let the hair dry on its own. Took a while though!

Shiny twists
Shiny twists




A lot of ladies make comments like,”Groundnut Oil? Hmm”, each time i mention that i use groundnut oil for my hair.

I did a post on Groundnut Oil some months ago as i used it in most of my Dc recipes.

Apart from being moisturizing,Groundnut Oil(as i have noticed when applied to my hair) adds luster and shine to hair.
It has this nearly thick and not too light consistency that makes it a good moisture sealant and it has a lot of slip. This makes it a very good detangler or an additive to your detangling conditioner.

I have been using this oil for my daily hair care regimen since the beginning of this month and it has really done well on my low porosity hair.

If you use this oil always,like me,
and your hair gets wet or doesn’t dry quickly or you try doing GHE with this oil, you may likely end up with hair smelling like stale my mom says 😀
So if you want you can add some drops of essential oil to this amazing oil.


Sun kissed twists..
Sun kissed twists..

Till Next time..





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