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Hey Loves 🙂
How did your yesterday go?
Talking about yesterday, i put up a post on the blog about How guys can start locs on their natural hair and shared it on Facebook and a friend asked if i encourage men to wear locs.
Hell no! I won’t encourage anyone to do anything they don’t want to do but if a guy wants to wear locs and asks me how,i’ll be more than happy to help as far as its with his natural hair!

That same yesterday, i put up another post,this time on facebook,asking my friends what they thought about a born again male wearing locs. I asked them to give their opinions,whether negative or positive with scriptural backup.
90% of the people that responded did so with sentiments like;
– He won’t look responsible
– He’ll start doing drugs.
– His head will look like a mop
and they went on and on and on.
The remaining 10% were not in full support of the locs for men but rather gave reasonable scriptural backup 🙂

I say…
Black and African People still have a lot to learn about themselves.
No offense,but a white man with long hair is seen as handsome but a black or Nigerian man with long locs is seen as irresponsible?
I know that so many rastafarians and some others that wear locs actually make their locs look unkempt and dirty but cut the crap, so many white men with long hair behave irresponsibly too!

If a man takes care of his locs and wears them nicely.. Gawd so bless him because i’ll be crushing on his hair forever.
Take a look at Wale. Really maximising the gift of God on his head.
I’m not comparing believers and unbelievers but mehn!
I’ll love to marry a man with nice long locs packed all back on our wedding day,it’ll really complement me;a bride with natural hair.

Nowadays,we see young guys applying relaxers to their hair.
What do we have to say about that? Responsible right? And wearing locs isn’t?
It’s almost the same issue with women wearing natural hair.
People..wake up!
It’s time to live above sentiments and religion.
God gave us hair that can loc if you want it to.
He gave us Kink,Coils and Curls.
We can change what Society terms responsible because we are Society.
We first termed straight hair ‘responsible’ and ‘Professional’ forgetting the fact that not every one grows straight hair naturally.
Now, let’s term all hair ‘responsible’ and ‘Professional’, whether locs or freeform kinks, curly or coily and straight(white or mixed hair).

We are one.
It all comes down to One 😀

Christian men that ‘want to’ wear natural locs should wear them decently. I mean,its what grows out of your head.

Thank You all for reading this!




  1. Lovely and very well written. I’ve got a brother who grows his hair in locs. His hair is so beautiful to me that I can’t resist playing in it while we’re together. There’s been a lot of dissenting opinions from older adults but, I’m glad that he’s oblivious to them all. People often have issues separating themselves from tradition and simply viewing a thing for what it is. Yes, certain folks might do drugs and grow their hair in locs. What does it have to do with me? Armed robbers (and other criminals) drink water and often indulge in the same meals that I do, should I stop eating those meals as well? Sometimes, it is interesting to hear such biased people speak. At other times, it becomes plain annoying.
    The bottom line is that our hair is beautiful…loc it, weave it, plait it, braid it, etc. It’s beautiful and would flourish even more…styled in all the variety of ways it can handle. 🙂

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    1. ”Armed
      robbers (and other criminals)
      drink water and often indulge in
      the same meals that I do, should I
      stop eating those meals as well?”

      I just died. This is so good…too good. This is too good a question. Now if one is being asked this kind of question,i will just be shining my teeth and looking at that person. Thanks for taking time to read and also giving your intelligent opinion. 😀

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  2. Anything with straight hair is called “neat” and any style with afro-textured hair is called “rough” or needs to be “done” to look good. I love locs on guys anyway. been trying to get my boyfriend to loc his hair but he loves his high afro lol.


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