The KINK VIEW is here again..

This time its about this cool,cyber calm lady with the innocent face.. GRACE. 😀



Hello Ma Cherie.. Its a pleasure having you on here. Can to tell us about you?   

I’m Grace Chinomso Okoli, a lifestyle blogger and medical microbiologist.

I’m from the eastern part of Nigeria but I reside in Lagos presently, I’m single.

Great.. How long have you been natural? 

I’ve been natural allllll my life but big chopped in November 2014 because of improper hair care and heat damage

This is what heat damage looks like.
This is what heat damage looks like.


Natural Hair before the heat damage.
Natural Hair before the heat damage.

Wow.. Allll your life? That’s something..really.

So what were you not doing right?

Okay, I was using hair products that contained silicone, sulfates and petroleum as their first 5 ingredients, I was not deep conditioning, moisturizing and I was applying heat directly on my hair.

So.. After your big chop.. Did you notice positive changes in your hair?

Yeah sure, my hair growth was awesome, my hair was fuller and healthier

Big Chop
Big Chop

Wow.. Cool. So tell us about her..your Hair. Hairtype? Porosity? Hair texture? Density? Length?

Does she have a name?

Hmm, my hair is 4b/c, she’s kinky and shrinks a lot, quite porous and shoulder length.

Lol, she doesn’t have a name yet.


Lol.. So what are the do’s and dont’s for your hair?

She likes to be left alone so I do protective styles a lot, she loves water so I spritz as often as possible

She dries out easily so I must always sleep with my satin bonnet (I’m trying to be loyal with this one) she’s a foodie so I must deep condition at least once in two weeks.

She hates been combed when she’s dry else she’d break so bad



Hahaha.. That’s a good one. Seems you really understand your hair?

What’s your regimen like?

Yeah I do.

Daily moisturizing with my diy spritz then I seal with an essential oil and my Shea mix

Shampoo and deep condition weekly except when I’m on a protective style.

That’s all


Simple.. I like smile emoticon

Yeah very simple, I’m not a product junkie


So do you use Store bought Products or you prefer DIY’s?

I prefer DIY, I use store products sometimes


Ok.. What products do you use for your hair?

 DIY Shea mix, DIY shampoo, DIY deep conditioner, DIY hair spritz and essential oils I’m Mz DIY, lol

lol.. You said earlier that your hair is mostly in protective styles. What protective styles do you wear?

 Corn rows, mini braids and twists and updos

How do you care for your hair before you go to bed?

I sprit wz and wear my hair bonnet
Black women all over the world have recently begun to accept their hair for what it is and wear it proudly. Do you think its a trend or is there more to it?

I think it’s a trend, because when I ask some ladies why they decided to return to their natural hair they say it’s because that’s what’s in vogue.

If they continue with that mentality this natural hair thing won’t last. I believe we should love our hair and be proud of it anytime, anywhere because it’s a special gift from God to us.


Hmm.. Brava! You said that you’ve been natural all your life. That’s a very rare thing especially in Nigeria where little girls even are initiated into the act of using relaxers. Why was it different in your case?


For me, my mom was not in support of relaxers so she didn’t use it on my sisters and I.


And when I became of age I realized that I didn’t need it


Did you get any negativity from friends and other people at the time?

 Yeah my hair was quite long so they where wondering if I was okay
 Lol.. What about now?

Everyone is asking what did you do to ur hair, they want to feel it and all, one even calls me her hair model, lol



Lol.. Good one. If there’s one regret you’ve had about your natural hair, what would that be?

Hair straightening,using hot combs and hair straighteners, I don’t think I’d ever try it again even with heat protectants.

My hair is very allergic to heat.


What’s your advice to naturalistas including those transitioning and bc’ers

Your hair journey would teach you to be patient if you are ready to learn.

Understand your hair, don’t compare your hair growth progress with anyone.

Enjoy every stage of your hair growth from TWA to waist length, rock your hair with pride even on bad hair days.

Your hair is your crown and glory.




Wow Thats strong! So how can we get in touch with you? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? You made mention of a blog,whats it about?



Facebook: Okoli Chinomso Grace /Shanyitots

Twitter: okoli_grace

Instagram: mz_shanyigee

My blog is about my journey to becoming a virtuous woman, a woman of purpose.


Cool..It was wonderful chatting with you dear.. Thanks for the time kiss emoticon


To feature on the kink view,send an email to or message me on Facebook Mary Kaey.

Have a nice day y’all 😀




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