Nappy Hair Journal


I’m going on Seventeen.. I’m not as excited as i would be on my 18th but hell yea.. I’m excited!
I have a lot of things i want for my gifts.
So i decided to make a wishlist.
Remember wishlists range from some almost impossible(with God all things are possible) to possible things.
So these are the things i’d love to have:
1. A Message Bible
2. Longlife and Prosperity
3. A Camera
4. A laptop
5. An I-Pad 😉
6. Extra Money to get my Basic Studies Form.
5. Some hair Products 😀

So.. These are the few things on my birthday wishlist. I hope to get all of ’em.

I’d say being Sixteen has been one of my toughest years,struggling with family,the fact that i couldnt get into the University and a whole lot me.
Being Sixteen showed me my strength and my weaknesses.
As an overweight teenager,too much attention from the oppisite sex makes me so pissed.
Being Sixteen is the first time in your teenage years that you’d realise,..” Wow..i’m no longer 15”.

In a few weeks i’ll be Seventeen years old.
Rem. I’ll be doing a giveaway on my birthday! 😀
”The Future lies before me and i know not where i’ll be.
But i know Lord,that you’ll always be there for me :)” – KinkCHIC


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