Nappy Hair Journal


Hello Babes..
It’s been a while since i wrote something on here..’s just a lotta things have been happening in my life lately and i’ve been so busy..
Something happened today at work..
My energy levels ran down completely..its a little bit surprising that i didnt swoon and fall flat to the ground..
I just staggered to a seat and sat for some minutes till i could gain a lil strength..
Here’s the reason why.. I didnt eat before going to bed and didnt take anything except water this morning before going to work!
Later i took some crackers and watermelon with some Vit. C.

I had rice and veggie sauce for lunch and i feel a bit better..i’m just going to lie and rest a bit..

N/B: Starving is the worst thing to do on a weight loss challenge..
Especially is you are suffering from ulcer like me..
A little food goes a long way..

Catch’ya later..


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