Nappy Hair Journal


Hiya Readers..
So..i’ve not been updating daily about my workouts and dieting and now.. I’m gonna wrap it all up in one.
I’ve been drinking a lot of water the past week and my trips to the loo have been frequented ‘cos i’m passing out water like craaazy!
And.. Because of tommy size has really reduced. 😎
– 1litre of water every morning before i even brush my teeth!
– Substituting cold water for cold Pepsi..
Water has really helped with my indigestion problem..the bloating and constipation. It’s really good. 🙂
I also have been doing minimal workouts like strolling.. 🙂

Last night.. I had Papaya ;)(Pawpaw) for dinner (three slices of ’em) and two glasses of water.
Papaya is very filling indeed and you know we have to take light food at night.
I still woke up feeling a lil bit bloated but not as much as i’d feel before. 🙂

From today..
I start counting calories..
I need to eat about 1,200 calories a day to lose weight but i think i’ll take it down a bit more to 1,000 calories or less!
This morning i drank a bottle of malt drink containing about 58cal and a snack containing about 432cal or less(i’m not so sure)..
So my breakfast summed up to 490cal.!!

Afterwards i’m taking a litre of water that has 0cal.. Lol.
Water is the best food ever.. (don’t mind me) 😀
Happy Day to y’all :*


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