Nappy Hair Journal


Goodevening y’all

Although this is coming late i still have to say this to my family,friends and readers..

The month of July brings me one month closer to my birth month and first giveaway on my blog 😉

I’m excited,really..
Speaking of the first day of July, I had a very busy and not so good day
1. My cell phone’s battery died when i needed it the most.
2. I stopped over at a neighbour’s house to charge because their generator was on.. (Power supply in our Area is terrible upon the fact that we have a good transformer?)
They left the house without informing me so my phone was locked up there all day.
3. And.. The rain.
It rained so annoyingly today.. It stopped for a while and started again immediately i finished from work. (There are no cabs or taxis where i live so.. You get what i’m saying,right?)

Not withstanding,some good things did happen too..
-I fixed the battery problem of my Dad’s Lumia so i’m gonna be the one handling it.
Good for my blog! 😀
-And…. Payday is just a few hours away..
I’m so excited and i feel so proud of myself..
I actually worked for the money i’ll soon be getting..
First Salary at 16!
That’s something 😎

And Tamara(my hair) is free from the twists..i wore a twistout today. (Pictures Tomorrow)

A sick woman in pains that i was giving medical advice 😉 at the counter just stopped talking and looked at my hair and said.. ”Your hair is fine”
So many other people including my mom said that locs will fit me very well.. (that’s a story for another
I’ve run out of hair products and so i haven’t fed Tamara in a while
buh i plan on restocking tomorrow or the next 🙂

Have a Wonderful night’s rest from Nigeria..
Nightie Nightie! :*



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