Nappy Hair Journal


I’m up this early and i just feel the urge to write something…anything.
Sometimes,what life throws at you is the least you ever expected.
I’ve experienced a lot in the Sixteen years 9 months i’ve spent on earth..
These experiences have helped shape my mind and given me a more mature way of seeing things..most things.
I try to be my best,i try to sing my best,i try to write my best.
Sometimes i fail,sometimes i win but i realise something each time i fail..
If i don’t fail at something,i can’t do better.
Some people fail at things and feel all hope is lost but as long as there’s life..there’s hope!
”In all my years on earth..i’ve realised,most importantly,that every thing in the world is all about GOD. Anything more or less is still GOD” – Mary Kaey 😀

Good Morning y’all


4 thoughts on “THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORN

  1. couldn’t have been said better. some things cannot be stressed enough, like getting up when you fall, doing better when you know better, appreciating little mercies..

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  2. We share the same insight towards life. Failure parts the way to success. It help boost self-confidence and it gears one up to one’s feet to crush the defeat and try again

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