So it’s that time of the week when i give you lovely photos from recent interviews with other NATURALISTAS

It’s time to droooool!

I’m so sorry this is coming late.. It was due for last Monday but I’ve been busy..
We have Nelly Emerald Johnson… She’s a friend I’ve known for a while
She’s cool…really cool.
Meet Nelly…

Hello Chula…
How you doing?
Can you tell us about you?

My name is Nelly and I’m an Electrical /Electronics Engineering student of the University of Port-Harcourt

 My life is basically simple and easy going. God first before every other thing smile emoticon


Great Profile..:-*

Wow! What made you embark on this natural hair journey? Why did you decide to ‘Return to your roots’?

Okay first of all, I wanted long healthy relaxed hair.

I started doing research on black hair, including watching youtube videos and i stumbled on the glamtwins. They both have healthy long 3b, 3c natural hair and I admired them. I planned to stretch my relaxer for 6 months, it didn’t even get to six months before I saw the beauty in my new growth of hair, so decided to transition instead.


That’s so touching.. So how long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural for 26 months (including 11 months of transition)


Bravo! 11 months of transitioning? Thats a feat that even i couldn’t beat. smile emoticon Lol Ok.. Can you tell us about the hair? Her name? Hairtype? Porosity? Texture?

Ooh I named her after my birthstone that I happened to love so much ‘Emerald’. I’m a 4A,4B and 4C. Front is 4A/4B and middle and back is 4A. I have a medium porosity with a very fine/thin texture


Jeez! That’s a lot to handle.. How do you handle all those curl patterns in one head? What’s your regimen like? Is it hard having to manage all these curl patterns?

The curl pattern isn’t all that matters, but the texture and porosity.

Just because of the fine texture, my hair loves protein. I never get protein overload, almost all my products got protein in them and that helps a lot.

My regimen is simple, I wash and deep condition weekly, after that, I do LCO or LCCO where L iis leave in, C is a cream moisturiser, C is a cream butter basically Shea butter and O is an oil, I skip Shea butter sometime hence the LCO.

I repeat the LCO at least thrice a week, I do it nightly though and then put my hair in cornrows.oh yeah, I also do hot oil treatments weekly. I leave my PS in for at most three weeks, I do mostly of updos and my hair loves it.

UPDO much TLC for Emerald. How does your family and friends react to the decision to carry your hair naturally?

My kid sister wants to become natural now because of me. My family and friends love my hair, they are wowed and all know that this is the longest my hair has ever been


That’s encouraging.. What are your go to styles? Do youi wear protective styles?

Nah.. My hair strives better without protective styles.

I do mostly updos and puffs.





Are you more of a DIY person..or Product Junkie?

Tell us about what you use for your hair? Any staple products?

 Oh I’m a product junkie but I try not to be, hehehe.My hair has loved every natural hair product I have ever used.

For shampooing, I use Creme of Nature Sulfate Free Shampoo, Miss Jessie’s Super Slip

Sudsy shampoo, Trader Joe’s Tea Tree tingle Shampoo


For DC, mostly Shea moisture products and ORS Replenishing Conditioner. Elasta QP Mango and Olive Curl Defining pudding, Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea moisture.


For oils, I use EVOO, EVCO, JBCO, vitamin E oil, etc. These are all I could think of ,lol

You ARE a full blooded product junkie.. Drinks to that! Lol…But Seriously..that’s a lot.

But its sure doing a great job on your mane. With all those do you get through wash days?

Oh no, I don’t use more than 6 to 7 products oon wash days. It’s that easy.

Okay.. How do you deal with Shrinkage? Fight or Embrace?

I fight and embrace it. I cornrow my hair at night and when I take out the cornrow, my hair is a little bit stretched


 Okay.. What do you think about the Natural hair movement?
Do you see it as a trend that(as all other trends)will fade or as a strong desire to be oneself that will stay?
What’s your advice to those trying to decide whether to go natural or not,those who just bc’ed and transitioners?
No, I don’t see it as a trend that will fade.
Its here to stay, black girls should be inspired and motivated to return to their roots. My advice to those who are trying to decide, don’t think hard about it anymore,just own up to it, there is no chemical out there that would make your hair better.
And for those who just BCED and those who are transitioning, have in mind that your hair requires proper TLC,get to know your hair( it’s like and dislike) and above all, be patient, this is an attribute that we all in this journey must possess, it works big time
Wow..that’s powerful.. It was wonderful chatting with you and seeing natural black hair in your own VIEW.. How can we get to contact you? Facebook? Twitter? Do you have any blogs?
Twitter: @Prettyemerald19


To feature on the kink view,send an email to or message me on Facebook Mary Kaey.

Have a nice day y’all



    1. Thanks dear for the compliment. You know you are a product junkie when you get products and they don’t get exhausted before you get new ones, different brands. You see a product and you just wanna buy, lol. It’s like an obsession

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