Today on THE KINK VIEW, we have this lovely lady. Jayne Ameh.


She’s a very good big’d be surprised to know we work together on an online group too!

Hello Chula. Can you tell us more about you?

Hi there, I’m Jayne Ameh (Phatgurldatrox). I’m 32 years old, A realtor/Personal assistant. Mom to a lovely 4 year old boy…from Benue state and resident in Abuja



Lovely profile.. Why did you decide to go natural? What inspired you?

Oh well….It wasn’t a thought up idea or decision. I stumbled unto a video on Youtube and was fascinated with the versatility of the natural hair plus I hate visits to the Salon and sitting long hours to get a hair do…So when I got the realization that I could fix my own hair in the comfort of my home and at my own time….I didn’t bat an eye…I proceeded to yank off my hair after transitioning for a couple of months



Interesting.. So..Tell us about your hair. How old is she now? Does she have a name?

Oh yes..I have christened my name RIRI!! She is going to be one year in a few weeks.


Product Junkie or DIY Mixtress?

I’m a DIY mixtress..though I have a few…very few store bought products


Can you share the products you use with us?

I use V05 Strengthening conditioner as well as the Voluminizing conditioner to co-wash, For sham-wash I use Dr. Miracles Re-hydrating shampoo. Jack 5 curl activator for wash and go days, Eco Styler and Dark and lovely leave in..That’s about it for my store bought products. For my DC’s I DIY, then my shea-mix as sealant and regular hair cream.


What’s your regimen like?

I have kept my regimen pretty simple.Moisture DC weekly, Sham-wash forth-nightly and co-wash in between weeks. I sometimes co-wash mid week if i feel a need to. I tea rinse after every wash to keep my strands strengthened as i react badly to protein DC.That has basically been my routine since my journey.

Sounds lazy but its worked for me 😀


Lol..simple does it. So do you wear protective styles?

Yes i do but not very often… My hair is mostly in twist outs and wash and gos.

Protective styles like,Two strand twists, box braids and African ‘Didi’

PS  ps4 PUFF

Cool.. What are the ” no no’s ” for your hair?

No combing my hair dry and no banana DC’s


Hahahahaha… Things RIRI can’t do without?

She loves moisture…moisture..moisture.




Shrinkage? Do you fight or embrace it?

Oh how i love my shrinkage… I sort of like the look I get when my hair is in its shrunken state…



Any bad hair habits?

I have some bad habit no doubt….hand in hair syndrome!!!

In fact fiddling with my hair has so become my signature…someone described me with it.

Another is not wearing my hair covered for bed time… (ssshhh)

I really don’t know how my hair has managed to retain length….


 How do you protect your edges?
I have been very lucky with my edges..even as a relaxed haired woman my edges were intact…
So I don’t do much to protect my edges BUT when I have to have my PS in a salon,i guard my edges jealously….lol, I will by myself brush forward my edges and instruct the stylist to KEEP OFF that zone.
Hair goals?

I’m not one of those who wish for waist length..butt length hair..I just want a healthy, lustrous Fro, in fact I’m thinking I would get a tapered Hair cut after some time…#wink.



Have you had any negativity/positivity from people towards your hair?

Hahahaha. …

For negativity I haven’t had too many, but I have this colleague who would always bug me to go get my hair relaxed or go get an extension installed,

I have gotten a lot of positive and encouraging comments so …so far I would say its been a good journey.


Final words to all Naturalista’s, those Transitioner’s and new big choppers.

This is what i have always preached…Be sure this what you want, do your research, experiment till you find what works for you,as what works for A may not work for B, keep your routine simple…be proud of your kinks don’t allow anyone talk you down ….Flaunt it ‘cos you are UNIQUE….



How can we find you? Do you have any blogs,etc?



TWITTER:@ phatgurldatrox

Wow..reading through this conversation,its like I’m actually talking with you. Thanks for taking time to be on THE KINK VIEW.

Love Love you 😀

So…take it from the phatgurl,,

“Be proud of your kinks,don’t allow anyone talk you down. Flaunt it ‘cos you are UNIQUE….”


To feature on the kink view,send an email to or message me on facebook Mary Kaey.

Have a nice day y’all



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