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#ybnKids: A New Coloring Book for Curly Cuties (FREE Download)

This is so thoughtful of her…good thinking. i LOVE it 😀

Buy your curly cutie a copy for only $5.99! Buy your curly cutie a copy for only $5.99!

Since starting the youngblacknappy blog over five years ago, it’s become more and more apparent to me how important representation is for the Black community. When mainstream media consistently reinforces features that don’t look like ours (pale skin, long blonde hair, narrow features, etc.) as beautiful, it’s difficult for Black and Brown folks to recognize the perfect beauty in ourselves. This is one of the main motivations behind sharing pictures of Black people rockin’ fierce fros, lovely locs, and other gorgeous natural hairstyles on our Facebook page and Tumblr.

Now that I’m a mother, it’s even more important for my family to seek out books, magazines, television shows, and movies that portray those who look like me, my husband, and my son as not only attractive but moral, intelligent, and powerful. We want to be surrounded by stories and images…

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