You can never know the real length of your hair till you thread it(African threading)..
I did African threading with my hair two days ago..after my wash day and was surprised at the length.. I didn’t expect such length.
My hairs Shrinkage is totally deceptive, even the hair stylist was surprised.

Actually,this is the FIRST time I’m trying this style out..
The first salon i went to said i should pay #600 because “my hair is too full”
I finally settled for #500 in another salon where the stylist kept on asking if ‘na only me waka come?’.. lol

african threading

The end of it is where my hair stops…
Its not like i am crazy about length but I’m surprised at it.. In just 4 months Post-BC !!!

I didn’t add any extras…i am s anxious about how it will lok when i loosen the thread.



Have you used this style to stretch your hair before? 😀


8 thoughts on “AFRICAN THREADING..

  1. I haven’t tried this deeply but I did make an effort. However it didn’t give me any length so I’m thinking I didn’t do it properly?
    Will def try it next time after wash day and all. I’m a protective styling junkie and barely have my hair out as often as the Mr would like. I’m lazy like that and can’t be bothered with nightly routines. I went thru a lot of drama the one week I decided to sport an afro for seven days straight. So I get a new hair style done every two to four weeks!


    1. Oh.. Okay..when trying next time..make it in smaller sections for better results. I think we are the same ‘Protective stylin junkie’.. Thats what i think i am 😀


  2. Lol at too full. The first time I experienced some sort of negativity with my hair was about three years or so I had just finished NYSC and needed to get my hair done(I didn’t know anything about hair at this time) I walk into this dingy salon just by the corner of a shady looking compound(for lack of a better word) the girl takes of my scarf, hisses when she sees my natural hair and says I have to pay 100 naira extra! That was the last time I ever let anyone wash my hair.

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