NappyHair Terms n’ Meanings

ACV : Apple Cider Vinegar. The acidity is
close to that of natural hair, so it is used as
a final rinse,helps to prevent dandruff/
itchy scalp,can also be used as clearifying
agent,repairs damaged hair,and also help
to tightening and sealing the cuticle.
AFRO: hairstyle that is rounded in shape
and naturally curly coiled hair(FRO)
APL: Arm Pit Length..A guide to the length
of your hair growth in reference to when
the hair reaches your arm pit..
BAGGY:A method to help reduce breakage,
split ends, and dryness. After moisturizing
your hair and sealing it at night, put a
plastic cap or shower cap on overnight to
help your hair retain the moisture it needs
for maximum growth retention.
BANTU KNOTS: Hairstyle created when the
hair is sectioned off in diamond, triangle
or square shapes and twisted into knots.
Also known as Zulu knots.
BANTU KNOTS OUT:Hairstyle created by
sectioning the hair into Bantu Knots on
damp wet hair and then after it dries, the
knots are taking out to achieve defined
curly hair.
BC/BIG CHOP:Cutting relaxed or chemically
treated hair completely off to leave only
natural textured hair.
BNC: Braid n Curl..Hairstyle achieved by
plaiting or braiding damp or moist hair
and curling the ends with rollers or flexi
rods. Air dry overnight or use a hair dryer.
Then take out the rods and braids to
reveal deep wavy and curly hair.
BRAID OUT:Hairstyle achieved by braiding
damp or moist hair in cornrows or single
braids and after it drys the hair is
unraveled to reveal more defined curly
BSL: Bra Strap Length..A guide to the
length of your hair growth in reference to
when the hair reaches where your bra
strap is positioned on your back.
BUDS(Budding) First stage of dreadlocks
and locking your hair, when a knot is
formed as the nucleus of each lock.
CBL:Collar Bone Length..A guide to the
length of your hair growth in reference to
when the hair reaches your collar bone.
COWASH:A method of washing your hair
with conditioner only. This type of
washing avoids harsh results from
frequent washing with shampoos that
contain detergents like sodium lauryl
sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, and
helps to keep natural black hair soft and
COMBS COILS: A hairstyle technique
achieved by placing the tail of a rattail
comb at the root of small sections of the
hair and turning it clockwise to create a
coil. A great style for shorter length hair.
CORNROW: Type of braiding style where
the hair is braided very closely to the scalp
in an underhand, upward motion to create
a continuous, raised row. The styles are
endless that can be achieved with
cornrow designs.
CREAMY CRACK:A term created by women
who found it hard to stop relaxing their
hair while transitioning, used to describe
permanent relaxers.
DETANGLER:Type of hair conditioner that
smooths your hair by coating it, so that
the hair tightens up and smooths the
scales on the outer surface of the hair or
cuticle to prevent tangles.
DETANGLING: Process in which you use a
Detangler to soften and smooth the hair
for manageability.
DIY: Do It Yourself
DT/DC: Deep Treatment..Also known as DC
(Deep Conditioning). A treatment to help
add moisture back into the hair, by leaving
a moisturizing conditioner with a
penetrating heat source on your hair for
an extended period of time.
EO :Essential Oils..Natural oils (Basil,
Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Lemon,
Lavender,Thyme oil,Clove oil etc.)
EVCO:Extra Virgin Coconut Oil..
EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil..
FLAT TWIST:A two strand twist braiding
technique similar to cornrows, by twisting
the hair flat to the head
FLUFF: Finger combing your hair to obtain
maximum fullness and volume for your
curly hair
FSG: Flax Seed Gel..Homemade recipe for a
styling gel made with flax seed that
doesn’t weigh your hair down, dry it out,
or create flakiness.
FINGER COMB:A process of using ur fingers
to comb ur hair rather than using a comb.
GHE:Green House Effect,a type of baggy
method used to intensively add moist in
the hair to keep it soft.shinny and
breakage free. usually done overnite
HG: Holy Grail..A statement used for
products that you have tried and works
perfect for your hair.
HHJ: Healthy Hair Journey..Expression used
to describe the journey a woman takes to
achieve healthy hair.
HIH: Hand in Hair…Also seen as HIF: Hands
in Fro. This a slight bad habit to have to
manipulate or play in your hair.
HOT:Hot oil treatment-A type of deep
conditioner basically done with oil
JBCO: Jamaican Black Castor Oil..Castor oil
that has been manufactured in Jamaica
used to strengthen, thicken, increase hair
NAPPYVERSARY:: Also known as
Nattyversary. This is the Anniversary date
of when your hair became fully natural.
NATTY BUTTER: Short name for Natural
Butter that uses 100% all natural
ingredients to moisturize and seal
moisture into the hair and skin.
NO-POO:A hair regimen of which you do
not use shampoos to cleanse your hair.
Some use conditioners in place of the
shampoo also known as Co-washing.
PJ:Product Junky..This is an expression
used for a person who buys any and all
hair care products they can find to try the
next best thing on the market.
PLOPPING:A way of drying your hair
quickly and help enhance your waves and
curls by wrapping your hair in a t-shirt or
cotton cloth material.
PRE-POO:Coating the hair, for about 30
minutes or more, with a mixture of natural
oils or a deep conditioner before you
POO-BARS:: Shampoo or Conditioner Bars
that uses 100% all natural and many times
Ayurvedic Ingredients that are cleanse or
condition without stripping the hair of its
natural moisture. They can, many times be
used for overall body cleansing as well.
PROTECTIVE STYLES:A hairstyle that tucks
the ends of your hair away from being
exposed to damaging agents such as sun,
heat, and constant manipulation. The
purpose and benefits of this hairstyle is to
grow healthier, longer hair and reduce
split ends and damage. Some examples are
Buns, Braids, Sew-in Weaves, Wigs, and
Drawstring Ponytails.
REGIMEN:Your day to day or weekly hair
care and styling guide.
S&Ds: Search and Destroy..Process in which
you occasionally search your hair for any
split ends, crooked ends, or single strand
knots and snipping it with a sharp hair
styling scissors.
SEALING:(Seal the Ends) To apply product
to the ends of the hair to keep them
moisturized and limit breakage. The choice
of method is to use a water-based
moisturizer (conditioner or cream that has
water as its first ingredient), and then seal
with a butter or oil.
SLS: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate..A high volume
synthetic chemical, that is drying to the
hair, used in many shampoos.
SHAMWASH:A method of using sulfate-free
shampoo or ur homemade black soap
shampoo to wash ur hair.
TNC: Twist n Curl…Hairstyle achieved by
two strand twisting damp or moist hair
and curling the ends with rollers or flexi
rods. Air dry overnight or use a hair dryer.
Then take out the rods and twist to reveal
deep wavy and curly hair.
TRANSITIONING: Process in which you take
steps to stop relaxing the hair to grow out
your natural hair texture.
TLC:Tender Loving care
TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro…A small Afro
about 1/2 – 1 inch of hair in length,
typically in reference to the first stage after
the Big Chop (BC).
TWIST OUT: A hairstyle achieved by two
strand twisting the hair (usually while
damp or wet then air drying or use a hair
dryer) and then unraveling the twist to
reveal a crinkly wavy hair texture.
TWO STRAND TWIST: Also known as double
strand twists, twists, or twisties. This
hairstyle technique can be performed on
dry or wet hair. Take a section of hair and
divide into two even pieces and twist each
section of hair around the other. You
continue until all of your hair is twisted
like single braids.
VIRGIN/NATURAL HAIR:Hair that is natural
from the roots and have not been
chemically processed or altered.
WET & GO:A hairstyle technique similar to
Wash and Go (WNG), but you do not wash
your hair. You drench or spray the hair
with a leave-in conditioner and water to
define the curls and style as desired for a
quick hairstyle.
WNG: Wash and Go:Method of co-washing
the hair, adding a styling gel or cream and
then go start your day. The hair air drys or
you can dry it with a diffuser.


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