Nappy Hair Journal



We 4c chicks are always thinking that our hair can never be soft and curly. frown emoticon
It can, all it needs is moisture! smile emoticon
I got this look by Shingling(decided to try it out for the first time after doing some research yesterday) and applying my Curl Activator glasses emoticon
Besides..i didnt comb..i just finger detangled..
‪#‎4monthsPostBc‬ smile emoticon
‪#‎4cHair‬ grin emoticon
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You may ask,


The Shingling method is used for
defining natural curls and is
growing in popularity.
Many naturals want defined
curls without the frizzy look that often accompanies them after hair dries.
Shingling makes this possible without too much fuss. For the shingling process, you need only your hands and a curl defining product,such as the Hydration Hair Butter, a gentler hold product. You may also want a comb and a hair tie. If you’re new to shingling, here are some things to consider before you begin.

1.Start With Wet Hair

All hair is different. You may start
shingling on wet or damp hair, such as after a Wash n Go. You may even want to try both at different times in order to see what works for you.
Once your hair is adequately
saturated, pull it up with a clip or hair tie. You will only be working with one layer at a time.

2.Work With One Layer/Section at a Time

This will ensure that product is
equally distributed. If you were to just rub the product in without sectioning or shingling there would be a likelihood of both over-saturated and dry or missed spots in the hair. The shingling method forces you to focus and allows you to define curls uniquely yielding more positive results.
For an easier process, try starting from the hair closer to the
nape of your neck and moving up
toward your front hairline.

3.Relax, Don’t Force it

Try not to concern yourself too much with preventing all tangles. Curly hair,by nature, will tangle. Let your hair curl the way it wants. Don’t try to dictate your curls!
Also, remember,that this process may take a bit of time to get through each layer of your hair with the right amount of gel.

4.Once You Are Done, Leave It

When you are done with a section, drop it and leave it alone. Don’t touch it again until it is dry. Defeat that Hand In Hair Syndrome!
Keep ‘shingling’ up your hair layer by layer and allow it to dry.
Don’t touch your hair as this could disrupt the curl definition and lead to frizz.
Keeping your hands out of your drying hair will leave you with defined natural curls without fuzz or frizz!
As the hair dries, there will be shrinkage so don’t be surprised. The Shingling Method will give you defined, natural curls!



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